Ammiel Alcalay

ammiel alcalay author photo

Ammiel Alcalay is a poet, translator, critic, and scholar who teaches at Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center. He is the author of, among other books, After Jews and Arabs (1993); the Cairo notebooks (1993); Memories of Our Future (1999); from the warring factions (2002); Scrapmetal (2007), and A Little History (2010). He was one of the initiators of the Poetry Is News Coalition and helped to organize the Olson Now project. He has translated the Bosnian poet Semezdin Mehmedinović’s Nine Alexandrias (2003) and Sarajevo Blues (1998). He launched Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative, a publishing venture whose mission is to retrieve and make available key texts falling widely under the rubric of the New American Poetry. Alcalay won the American Book Award for his work on Lost & Found in 2017. 

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