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  • The Song of Kieu: A New Lament

    Du Nguyen
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  • The Haiku Anthology

    Cor Van Den Heuvel
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  • Classical Chinese Poetry: An Anthology

    David Hinton
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  • As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams: Recollections of a Woman in 11th-Century Japan (Revised)

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  • Finding Them Gone: Visiting China’s Poets of the Past

    Red Pine
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  • The Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    Luo Guanzhong
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  • Chinese Poetic Writing

    Francois Cheng
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  • The Three Kingdoms, Volume 1: The Sacred Oath: The Epic Chinese Tale of Loyalty and War in a Dynamic New Translation (with Footnotes)

    Luo Guanzhong
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  • The Monkey and the Monk: An Abridgment of the Journey to the West

    Yu, Anthony
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  • The Tale of Genji

    Murasaki Shikibu
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  • Li Po and Tu Fu

    Li Po
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  • The Nine Cloud Dream

    Man-jung, Kim
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  • The Book of Tea

    Okakura, Kakuzo
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  • The Art of War

    Tzu, Sun
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  • The New Directions Anthology of Classical Chinese Poetry (Revised)

    Eliot Weinberger
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  • No-Gate Gateway: The Original Wu-Men Kuan

    David Hinton
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  • Poems of the Late t’Ang

    A C Graham
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  • The Selected Poems of t’Ao Ch’ien

    Tao Chien
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  • The Selected Poems of Tu Fu: Expanded and Newly Translated by David Hinton

    Tu Fu
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  • The Pillow Book

    Sei Shonagon
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