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  • Perfumed Sleeves and Tangled Hair: Body, Woman, and Desire in Medieval Japanese Narratives

    Rajyashree Pandey
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  • Adventures of the Mad Monk Ji Gong: The Drunken Wisdom of China’s Famous Chan Buddhist Monk

    Guo Xiaoting
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  • The World of the Shining Prince: Court Life in Ancient Japan

    Ivan Morris
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  • Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits

    Porter, Bill
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  • The Sarashina Diary: A Woman’s Life in Eleventh-Century Japan (Reader’s Edition)

    Sugawara No Takasue No Musume Sugawara No Takasue No Musume
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  • Historian of the Strange: Pu Songling and the Chinese Classical Tale

    Judith T Zeitlin
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  • The Japanese Art of War: Understanding the Culture of Strategy

    Thomas Cleary
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  • Eulogy for Burying a Crane and the Art of Chinese Calligraphy

    Lei Xue
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  • Two Centuries of Manchu Women Poets: An Anthology

    Wilt L Idema
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  • The Ryukyu Kingdom: Cornerstone of East Asia

    Mamoru Akamine
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  • Above All Waves: Wisdom from Tominaga Nakamoto, the Philosopher Rumored to Have Inspired Bitcoin

    Paul Chan
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  • The Norton Anthology of World Religions: Daoism: Daoism

    James Robson
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  • Scenes for Mandarins: The Elite Theater of the Ming (Revised)

    Cyril Birch
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  • Imagination and Narrative: Lexical and Cultural Translation in Buddhist Asia

    Peter Skilling
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  • How to Read a Japanese Poem

    Steven D Carter
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  • Awakened Cosmos: The Mind of Classical Chinese Poetry

    David Hinton
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