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  • Five Studies on Khun Chang Khun Phaen: The Many Faces of a Thai Literary Classic

    Chris Baker
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  • Chinese Literature (Revised)

    Dan Yao
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  • The Dao of the Military: Liu An’s Art of War

    Andrew Seth Meyer
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  • The Great Ming Code / Da Ming Lu

    Jiang Yonglin
    $35.00 Add to cart
  • P’ungmul: South Korean Drumming and Dance

    Nathan Hesselink
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  • A Couple of Soles: A Comic Play from Seventeenth-Century China

    Shen, Jing
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  • Awakened Cosmos: The Mind of Classical Chinese Poetry

    David Hinton
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  • Further Adventures on the Journey to the West

    Master of Silent Whistle Studio
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  • Visual Culture in Contemporary China: Paradigms and Shifts

    Xiaobing Tang
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  • Kings in Love: Lilit Phra Lo and Twelve Months: Two Classic Thai Poems

    Chris Baker
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  • The Peach Blossom Fan

    Shang-jen, Kung
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  • Essential Huainanzi: Liu An, King of Huainan

    An Li King of Huainan
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  • Literati Storytelling in Late Medieval China

    Manling Luo
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  • Kojiki: The Birth of Japan: The Japanese Creation Myth Illustrated

    Wilds, Kazumi
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  • Unbinding the Pillow Book: The Many Lives of a Japanese Classic

    Gergana Ivanova
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  • Written on Bamboo and Silk: The Beginnings of Chinese Books and Inscriptions, Second Edition

    Tsuen-Hsuin Tsien
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  • Zhou History Unearthed: The Bamboo Manuscript Xinian and Early Chinese Historiography

    Yuri Pines
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  • Complete Poems

    Li Ch'ing-Chao
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  • Master Tung’s Western Chamber Romance

    Li-Li Ch'en
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  • The Zuo Tradition / Zuozhuan Reader: Selections from China’s Earliest Narrative History

    Stephen Durrant
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