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  • How to Blow Up a Pipeline

    Malm, Andreas
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  • Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the Next)

    Spade, Dean
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  • Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good

    Adrienne Maree Brown
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  • We Do This ‘Til We Free Us: Abolitionist Organizing and Transforming Justice

    Kaba, Mariame
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  • Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement

    Davis, Angela
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  • The Auntie Sewing Squad Guide to Mask Making, Radical Care, and Racial Justice

    Mai-Linh K Hong
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  • Counterpoints: A San Francisco Bay Area Atlas of Displacement & Resistance

    Anti-Eviction Mapping Project
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  • Abolition for the People: The Movement for a Future Without Policing & Prisons

    Colin Kaepernick
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  • A Field Guide to White Supremacy

    Belew, Kathleen
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  • The Undocumented Americans

    Karla Cornejo Villavicencio
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  • Unapologetic: A Black, Queer, and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements

    Carruthers, Charlene
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  • We Will Not Cancel Us: And Other Dreams of Transformative Justice

    Brown, Adrienne-maree
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  • The Political Edge

    Chris Carlsson
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  • Becoming Abolitionists: Police, Protests, and the Pursuit of Freedom

    Purnell, Derecka
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  • Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds

    Adrienne Maree Brown
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  • There’s a Revolution Outside, My Love: Letters from a Crisis

    Tracy K Smith
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  • Holding Change: The Way of Emergent Strategy Facilitation and Mediation

    Adrienne Maree Brown
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  • Conflict Is Not Abuse: Overstating Harm, Community Responsibility, and the Duty of Repair

    Sarah Schulman
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  • Unbound: My Story of Liberation and the Birth of the Me Too Movement

    Tarana Burke
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  • The Verso Book of Dissent: Revolutionary Words from Three Millennia of Rebellion and Resistance

    Hsiao, Andrew
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