ISBN-10: 0872868346
ISBN-13: 9780872868342
Publisher: City Lights Books
Publish Date: 04/06/2021
Dimensions: 6.90" L, 4.90" W, 0.60" H

Published by City Lights

Build Bridges, Not Walls: A Journey to a World Without Borders


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Is it possible to create a borderless world? How might it be better equipped to solve the global emergencies threatening our collective survival? Build Bridges, Not Walls is an inspiring, impassioned call to envision–and work toward–a bold new reality.

“Todd Miller cuts through the facile media myths and escapes the paralyzing constraints of a political ‘debate’ that functions mainly to obscure the unconscionable inequalities that borders everywhere secure. In its soulfulness, its profound moral imagination, and its vision of radical solidarity, Todd Miller’s work is as indispensable as the love that so palpably guides it.”–Ben Ehrenreich, author of Desert Notebooks: A Road Map for the End of Time

“The stories of the humble people of the earth Miller documents ask us to also tear down the walls in our hearts and in our heads. What proliferates in the absence of these walls and in spite of them, Miller writes, is the natural state of things centered on kindness and compassion.”–Nick Estes, author of Our History Is the Future: Standing Rock Versus the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance

By the time Todd Miller spots him, Juan Carlos has been wandering alone in a remote border region for days. Parched, hungry and disoriented, he approaches and asks for a ride. Miller’s instinct is to oblige, but he hesitates: Furthering an unauthorized person’s entrance into the U.S. is a federal crime.

Todd Miller has been reporting from international border zones for over twenty-five years. In Build Bridges, Not Walls, he invites readers to join him on a journey that begins with the most basic of questions: What happens to our collective humanity when the impulse to help one another is criminalized?

A series of encounters–with climate refugees, members of indigenous communities, border authorities, modern-day abolitionists, scholars, visionaries, and the shape-shifting imagination of his four-year-old son–provoke a series of reflections on the ways in which nation-states create the problems that drive immigration, and how the abolition of borders could make the world a more sustainable, habitable place for all.

Is it possible to imagine a borderless world? How could it emerge, and how might it be better equipped to solve the global emergencies that threaten our collective survival? Build Bridges, Not Walls is an inspiring, impassioned call to envision–and work toward–a bold new reality.

Praise for Build Bridges, Not Walls:

“Todd Miller’s deeply reported, empathetic writing on the American border is some of the most essential journalism being done today. As this book reveals, the militarization of our border is a simmering crisis that harms vulnerable people every day. It’s impossible to read his work without coming away changed.”–Adam Conover, creator and host of Adam Ruins Everything and host of Factually!

“All of Todd Miller’s work is essential reading, but Build Bridges, Not Walls is his most compelling, insightful work yet.”–Dean Spade, author of Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crises (And the Next)

“Miller calls us to see how borders subject millions of people to violence, dehumanization, and early death. More importantly, he highlights the urgent necessity to abolish not only borders, but the nation-state itself.”–A. Naomi Paik, author of Bans, Walls Raids, Sanctuary: Understanding U.S. Immigration for the Twenty-First Century and Rightlessness: Testimony and Redress in U.S. Prison Camps Since World War II

“Todd Miller not only makes the case for tearing down the walls of Fortress America, but also for the fu

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"The iconic abolitionist activist Angela Davis once wrote that 'walls turned sideways are bridges.' This creativity and openness to our fellow humans-this bridge-building–is what we need to do to address the unfolding crises of climate change, mass migration, and late-stage capitalism, according to investigative journalist and author Todd Miller. Miller has spent decades studying the politics of border regions, tracing the human and environmental toll of decades of militarization, forced displacement, and detention. His fourth and latest book on the subject, Build Bridges, Not Walls, from City Lights Books, makes an abolitionist case against borders."–Teen Vogue

"Build Bridges departs from the investigative nature of [Miller's] previous works and into the territory of the extended essay, an idiosyncratic combination of lyricism and memoir ... Some of the most moving passages in Build Bridges come from Miller's recollection of his time as a solidarity activist in besieged Zapatista autonomous communities in Chiapas. ... Miller presciently writes about the effect that the Berlin Wall had on residents of East and West Berlin and the similar pathologies it has created here, the psychological effects that he calls 'Wall Sickness.' ... The best way forward, he argues, is to dismantle the carceral security state, which uses violence to stop the movement of the poor, and to redirect funding to the policies that have gathered dust: universal health care, education, the Green New Deal."–Los Angeles Review of Books

"Completes Miller's magnificent border quartet, an exquisite suite of cutting-edge titles, each of which provides a cogent angle into what Miller described to me as a 'Global Border Apparatus'–much of it fueled or directed by the United States. ... provide[s] a multi-dimensional understanding about the violence and big business of border-building today. With his latest book, the quartet is greater than the sum of all dirty parts of the mega-border industry itself–precisely because Miller shows us the way around the juggernaut that lies in our path."–The Daily Beast

"Turn a wall on its side, and you have a bridge. Of course, as Miller knows too well after covering border issues for 15 years, it's not that simple. The world is suffering from a severe case of 'wall sickness, ' which fuels and is fueled by nationalism and xenophobia, afflicts nearly everyone whether they work or live near a border or not, diverts resources from, for instance, fighting climate change, to criminalizing climate refugees, and has caused the number of border walls worldwide since 1989 to grow from 15 to 70-plus. Focusing on Southwest desert crossings, Miller draws on a wide range of statistics, analysis, and, most powerfully, interviews with border agents, activists, refugees, and their families to examine arguments for and against open borders. Offering water to a dehydrated man, listening to a father's anguish over a missing daughter, and recounting an agent's epiphany when he watched an injured teenager die, Miller argues for the value of our common humanity, showing how we could reinvent the world by replacing competition with cooperation; as with COVID, to heal the ills of discrimination and division, we need to work together for everyone's benefit."–Laurie Greer, Politics and Prose Bookstore, Washington, DC

"One by one Miller addresses the popular arguments that undergird bipartisan US. border security policy ... Miller also addresses the bipartisan nature of border security policy. ... The reader is invited to think outside the wall mentality, beyond our 'wall sickness.'–World Beyond War

"Will appeal to visionaries yearning for an end to man-made divides and the deliberate building

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ISBN-10: 0872868346
ISBN-13: 9780872868342
Publisher: City Lights Books
Publish Date: 04/06/2021
Dimensions: 6.90" L, 4.90" W, 0.60" H
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