Middle East

Middle East

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  • Erdogan’s Empire: Turkey and the Politics of the Middle East

    Soner Cagaptay
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  • Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor

    Yossi Klein Halevi
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  • Out of Place: A Memoir

    Edward W Said
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  • Turkey Under Erdogan: How a Country Turned from Democracy and the West

    Dimitar Bechev
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  • Memories of Our Future: Selected Essays 1982-1999

    Ammiel Alcalay
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  • The Last Shah: America, Iran, and the Fall of the Pahlavi Dynasty

    Ray Takeyh
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  • Salonica, City of Ghosts: Christians, Muslims and Jews 1430-1950

    Mark Mazower
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  • The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century

    Steve Coll
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  • Strangers in the House: Coming of Age in Occupied Palestine

    Raja Shehadeh
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  • Becoming Palestine: Toward an Archival Imagination of the Future

    Gil Z Hochberg
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  • Landscapes of War: From Sarajevo to Chechnya

    Juan Goytisolo
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  • A Land with a People: Palestinians and Jews Confront Zionism

    Esther Farmer
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  • Tazmamart: 18 Years in Morocco’s Secret Prison

    Aziz Binebine
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  • Markets of Civilization: Islam and Racial Capitalism in Algeria

    Muriam Haleh Davis
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  • The Battle for God: A History of Fundamentalism

    Karen Armstrong
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  • Of This Our Country: Acclaimed Nigerian Writers on the Home, Identity and Culture They Know

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  • Our Women on the Ground: Essays by Arab Women Reporting from the Arab World

    Zahra Hankir
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  • Found in Translation: “New People” in Twentieth-Century Chinese Science Fiction

    Jing Jiang
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  • In This Place Together: A Palestinian’s Journey to Collective Liberation

    Eilberg-schwartz, Pen
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  • Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story

    Paul Fitzgerald
    $18.95 $13.27 Add to cart
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