ISBN-10: 1999722787
ISBN-13: 9781999722784
Publisher: Charco Press
Publish Date: 10/15/2019
Dimensions: 7.70" L, 4.90" W, 0.50" H

Die My Love

Translator: Carolina Orloff
Translator: Sarah Moses


Price: $16.95


A manic, bruising stream of conscious portrayal of a mother and wife struggling to maintain both a normal life and her sanity.

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Man Booker International Prize (Longlist)
Society of Authors Valle-Inclán Prize (Shortlist)
Best Translated Book Award (Finalist)
Internationaler Literaturpreis (Shortlist)
Republic of Consciousness Prize (Shortlist)

"A touch of David Lynch." –The Guardian

"Celebrating lust and bolshiness with an intensity worthy of Clarice Lispector." –The Times Literary Supplement

"The over-all effect is exacting.... And yet "Die, My Love" isn't truly beholden to plot. The thrill is in the human as animal, and even as parasite." –The New Yorker

"Die, My Love is impressive for the force of the narrator's insatiable rage, which fragments the boundaries of the self. [Anne Enright]" –New York Review of Books

"Unrestrained and unadorned, Harwicz's writing has a wild beauty.... A portrait of motherhood, passion, and mental illness that cuts to the bone." –Kirkus

"We are used to female narrators who occupy one of several familiar niches: blandly 'likeable', 'flawed', or pathological; murderers or abusers who are profiled with just enough sympathy to make us feel humane as we judge them. Harwicz takes us somewhere more profound and forces us to confront the thought that these easy fictional 'explanations' are specious. Lurking inside all of us is the potential for horror."" –Hari Kunzru, author of THE IMPRESSIONIST and GODS WITHOUT MEN

"The prose of Ariana Harwicz embarks on a vertiginous linguistic journey that joyfully shreds all vestiges of common sense."" –María Sonia Cristoff, author of FALSE CALM

Praise for Ariana Harwicz

"Dangerously addictive." –The Guardian

"A precise, intense, ruthless mosaic that demands we read carefully, never quickly."** –Literary Hub**"Celebrating lust and bolshiness with an intensity worthy of Clarice Lispector."** –The Times Literary Supplement**"Harwicz succeeds in luring the reader into the darker aspects of the human mind."** –Publishers Weekly**"Ariana Harwicz is the real deal, the very definition of an artist.""** –Adam Biles**, author of FEEDING TIME

"Ariana Harwicz is wet respite from deathless, sexless, bloodless art. ""** –Melissa Broder**, author of THE PISCES and SO SAD TODAY

"Ariana Harwicz is an intensely passionate and fearless writer whose irresistible prose deserves to be read far and wide.""** –Claire-Louise Bennett**, author of POND

"A kick up the arse to the literary novel. Feebleminded disassembles form, sensibility, everything... at once a riot (a revolution!) and a headtrip.""** –Joanna Walsh**, author of VERTIGO and BREAK.UP

"Harwicz achieves an asphyxiating writing, saturated with images of great beauty despite their disturbing character."** –El País**"The acoustic quality of her prose, the pulse of her voice, the intensity of her imagery make her subjects so daring, so relentless, so damned and unconventional - very hard to drop or ever to forget.""** –Lina Meruane**, author of FALSE CALM

"Unrelenting and unforgettable, the Argentine author's latest novel is a breathtaking, hectic ride, as well as a strangely exhilarating story that confirms her as one of the most formidable writers at work today."** –Jeremy Garber, Powell's BookshopGlobetrotting: Your sneak preview of books in translation –New York Times**"This is a novel whose characters's conflicts spill out of the page and into the prose used to tell their story, making for a searing read."** –Volume 1 Brooklyn**"Feebleminded is a nuclear bomb of recent literature from Argentina, a book of exceptional power with febrile characters."** –Pagina/12**

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ISBN-10: 1999722787
ISBN-13: 9781999722784
Publisher: Charco Press
Publish Date: 10/15/2019
Dimensions: 7.70" L, 4.90" W, 0.50" H
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