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  • Biophilia (Revised)

    Edward O Wilson
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  • The Pyrocene: How We Created an Age of Fire, and What Happens Next

    Stephen J Pyne
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  • Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal: The Political Economy of Saving the Planet

    Noam Chomsky
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  • Water 4.0: The Past, Present, and Future of the World’s Most Vital Resource

    David Sedlak
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  • Tales of Two Planets: Stories of Climate Change and Inequality in a Divided World

    John Freeman
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  • Climate Chaos: Lessons on Survival from Our Ancestors

    Brian Fagan
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  • Pipe Dreams: The Urgent Global Quest to Transform the Toilet

    Chelsea Wald
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  • The Edge of the Sea

    Rachel Carson
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  • Our Biggest Experiment: An Epic History of the Climate Crisis

    Alice Bell
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  • Once Upon the Permafrost: Knowing Culture and Climate Change in Siberia

    Susan Alexandra Crate
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  • The Need to Be Whole: Patriotism and the History of Prejudice

    Wendell Berry
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  • Dawn at Mineral King Valley: The Sierra Club, the Disney Company, and the Rise of Environmental Law

    Selmi, Daniel-p
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  • Guardians of the Trees: A Journey of Hope Through Healing the Planet: A Memoir

    Kinari Webb
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  • The Dreamt Land: Chasing Water and Dust Across California

    Mark Arax
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  • The Spirit of Green: The Economics of Collisions and Contagions in a Crowded World

    William D Nordhaus
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  • Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know

    Joseph Romm
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  • Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water, Revised Edition (Revised and Updated)

    Marc Reisner
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  • Red Leviathan: The Secret History of Soviet Whaling

    Ryan Tucker Jones
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  • A World Without Soil: The Past, Present, and Precarious Future of the Earth Beneath Our Feet

    Handelsman, Jo
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  • The Great Displacement: Climate Change and the Next American Migration

    Bittle, Jake
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