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  • Still Pictures: On Photography and Memory

    Malcolm, Janet
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  • Decolonizing Design: A Cultural Justice Guidebook

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  • The Story of Art Without Men

    Katy Hessel
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  • Kiki Man Ray: Art, Love, and Rivalry in 1920s Paris

    Braude, Mark
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  • Extra Bold: A Feminist, Inclusive, Anti-Racist, Nonbinary Field Guide for Graphic Designers

    Lupton, Ellen
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  • Ninth Street Women: Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: Five Painters and the Movement

    Mary Gabriel
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  • Portraits: John Berger on Artists

    John Berger
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  • Design After Capitalism: Transforming Design Today for an Equitable Tomorrow

    Matthew Wizinsky
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  • Still Pictures: On Photography and Memory

    Janet Malcolm
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  • Things We Create

    Axel Brechensbauer
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  • Ways of Seeing

    John Berger
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  • The Green Imperative: Ecology and Ethics in Design and Architecture

    Papanek, Victor
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  • Humanity

    Ai Weiwei
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  • Becoming Palestine: Toward an Archival Imagination of the Future

    Hochberg, Gil-z
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  • A Brief History of Protest Art

    Aindrea Emelife
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  • Strange Impressions

    Romaine Brooks
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  • Art Monsters: Unruly Bodies in Feminist Art

    Lauren Elkin
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  • A Little History of Art

    Charlotte Mullins
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  • Weight of the Earth: The Tape Journals of David Wojnarowicz

    David Wojnarowicz
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  • Decolonize Museums

    Shimrit Lee
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