Women’s Studies/Feminism

Women’s Studies/Feminism

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  • How to Be a Woman Online: Surviving Abuse and Harassment, and How to Fight Back

    Nina Jankowicz
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  • Girl Gurl Grrrl: On Womanhood and Belonging in the Age of Black Girl Magic

    Kenya Hunt
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  • Believing: Our Thirty-Year Journey to End Gender Violence

    Anita Hill
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  • The Work of Rape

    Rana M Jaleel
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  • Medieval Writings on Female Spirituality

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  • Feminisms in Motion: Voices for Justice, Liberation, and Transformation

    Jessica Hoffmann
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  • Chinese Comfort Women: Testimonies from Imperial Japan’s Sex Slaves

    Peipei Qiu
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  • How to Suppress Women’s Writing

    Joanna Russ
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  • Women in the Workforce: What Everyone Needs to Know(r)

    Laura M Argys
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  • Susan, Linda, Nina & Cokie: The Extraordinary Story of the Founding Mothers of NPR

    Lisa Napoli
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  • The Mermaid and the Minotaur: The Classic Work of Feminist Thought

    Dorothy Dinnerstein
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  • America’s Jewish Women: A History from Colonial Times to Today

    Pamela Nadell
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  • The Chicana Motherwork Anthology

    Cecilia Caballero
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  • Life in Code: A Personal History of Technology

    Ellen Ullman
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  • Fearless Girls, Wise Women, and Beloved Sisters: Heroines in Folktales from Around the World

    Kathleen Ragan
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  • Why They Marched: Untold Stories of the Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote

    Susan Ware
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  • Tough Enough: Arbus, Arendt, Didion, McCarthy, Sontag, Weil

    Deborah Nelson
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  • The Red Zone: A Love Story

    Chloe Caldwell
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  • Women’s Liberation!: Feminist Writings That Inspired a Revolution & Still Can

    Shulman, Alix-kates
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  • Our Bodies, Their Battlefields: War Through the Lives of Women

    Christina Lamb
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