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  • Machine Translation

    Thierry Poibeau
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  • Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide (Updated)

    Henry Jenkins
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  • The Private Is Political: Networked Privacy and Social Media

    Alice E Marwick
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  • The White Paper

    Satoshi Nakamoto
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  • Baseless: My Search for Secrets in the Ruins of the Freedom of Information ACT

    Nicholson Baker
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  • Connected: How Trains, Genes, Pineapples, Piano Keys, and a Few Disasters Transformed Americans at the Dawn of the Twentieth Cent

    Steven Cassedy
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  • The Twittering Machine

    Richard Seymour
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  • The Rule of Logistics: Walmart and the Architecture of Fulfillment

    Jesse Lecavalier
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  • Discourse Networks, 1800/1900

    Friedrich Kittler
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  • History of Shit

    Dominique Laporte
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