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City Lights Published Titles

  • The Impossibility of Silence: Writing for Designers, Artists & Photographers

    Ian Lynam
    $20.00 Add to cart
  • The Bone Clocks

    David Mitchell
    $18.00 Add to cart
  • Cane

    Sam Bully-Thomas
    $14.95 Add to cart
  • Dark Sky Rising: Reconstruction and the Dawn of Jim Crow

    Henry Louis Gates Jr
    $10.99 Add to cart
  • Funny Weather: Art in an Emergency

    Olivia Laing
    $16.95 Add to cart
  • Stories from Architecture: Behind the Lines at Drawing Matter

    Philippa Lewis
    $34.95 Add to cart
  • Documentary in Dispute: The Original Manuscript of Changing New York by Berenice Abbott and Elizabeth McCausland

    Sarah Miller
    $34.95 Add to cart
  • Thirteen: Stories

    Ursule Molinaro
    $9.00 Add to cart
  • Flowers of Bad

    David Cameron
    $16.00 Add to cart
  • The Green Fairy Book, 3: Complete and Unabridged

    Andrew Lang
    $14.99 Add to cart
  • Hocus Pocus

    Kurt Vonnegut
    $17.00 Add to cart
  • The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity

    Graeber, David
    $35.00 Add to cart
  • Design Unbound: Designing for Emergence in a White Water World, Volume 2: Ecologies of Change

    Ann M Pendleton-Jullian
    $49.95 Add to cart
  • The Lighthouse

    Alison Moore
    $14.95 Add to cart
  • Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey: Poems, 1991-1995

    Hayden Carruth
    $14.00 Add to cart
  • Together: An Inspiring Response to the “Separate-But-Equal” Supreme Court Decision That Divided America

    Amy Nathan
    $14.95 Add to cart
  • How to Be an Art Rebel

    Ben Street
    $17.95 Add to cart
  • The Mauritius Command

    Patrick O'Brian
    $15.95 Add to cart
  • Oskar Schlemmer, László Moholy-Nagy & Farkas Molnár: The Theater of the Bauhaus: Bauhausbücher 4

    Oskar Schlemmer
    $40.00 Add to cart
  • Sappho’s Overhead Projector

    Bonnie J Morris
    $16.95 Add to cart
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