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Print Culture

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  • Piracy: The Intellectual Property Wars from Gutenberg to Gates

    Johns, Adrian
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  • Reluctant Capitalists: Bookselling and the Culture of Consumption

    Laura J Miller
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  • Speaking Freely: My Life in Publishing and Human Rights

    Robert L Bernstein
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  • Avid Reader: A Life

    Robert Gottlieb
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  • The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary

    Simon Winchester Obe
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  • The Allure of the Archives

    Arlette Farge
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  • What a Library Means to a Woman: Edith Wharton and the Will to Collect Books

    Sheila Liming
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  • Designing Modernism: The Visual History of New Directions

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  • Small Press, or Else

    Kristian Carlsson
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  • The Written World: The Power of Stories to Shape People, History, and Civilization

    Martin Puchner
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  • Thank You for Not Reading

    Dubravka Ugresic
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  • The British Book Trade: An Oral History

    Sue Bradley
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  • Faraway Women and the Atlantic Monthly

    Cathryn Halverson
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  • Mightier Than the Sword: Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the Battle for America

    David S Reynolds
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  • Playing with the Book: Victorian Movable Picture Books and the Child Reader

    Hannah Field
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  • The Book: An Homage

    Burkhard Spinnen
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  • Memory’s Library: Medieval Books in Early Modern England

    Jennifer Summit
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  • Cruising the Library: Perversities in the Organization of Knowledge

    Melissa Adler
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  • Just Go Down to the Road: A Memoir of Trouble and Travel

    James Campbell
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  • Card Catalogue

    Alistair Ian Blyth
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