Print Culture

Print Culture

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  • Print Culture and the Formation of the Anarchist Movement in Spain, 1890-1915

    Yeoman, James-michael
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  • This Is What a Librarian Looks Like: A Celebration of Libraries, Communities, and Access to Information

    Kyle Cassidy
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  • Rosset: My Life in Publishing and How I Fought Censorship

    Barney Rosset
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  • Empowering Words: Outsiders and Authorship in Early America

    Karen A Weyler
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  • The Book Smugglers: Partisans, Poets, and the Race to Save Jewish Treasures from the Nazis

    David E Fishman
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  • The Accidental Life: An Editor’s Notes on Writing and Writers

    Terry McDonell
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  • Human Relations and Other Difficulties: Essays

    Mary-Kay Wilmers
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  • Redlining Culture: A Data History of Racial Inequality and Postwar Fiction

    Richard Jean So
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  • News and Politics in the Age of Revolution: Jean Luzac’s Gazette de Leyde

    Jeremy D Popkin
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  • James Warren, Empire of Monsters: The Man Behind Creepy, Vampirella, and Famous Monsters

    Bill Schelly
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  • Writers Under Surveillance: The FBI Files

    Jpat Brown
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  • Frankenstein: How a Monster Became an Icon

    Sidney Perkowitz
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  • Making Feminist Media: Third-Wave Magazines on the Cusp of the Digital Age

    Elizabeth Groeneveld
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  • Made Under Pressure: Literary Translation in the Soviet Union, 1960-1991

    Natalia Kamovnikova
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  • Fifty Forgotten Books

    R B Russell
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  • Early African American Print Culture

    Lara Langer Cohen
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  • The Amazing Adventures of Bob Brown: A Real-Life Zelig Who Wrote His Way Through the 20th Century

    Craig Saper
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  • The Grapevine of the Black South: The Scott Newspaper Syndicate in the Generation Before the Civil Rights Movement (Print Culture in the South)

    Thomas Aiello
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  • A Factotum in the Book Trade

    Marius Kociejowski
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  • The Bookshop Book

    Jen Campbell
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