ISBN-10: 1942173210
ISBN-13: 9781942173212
Publisher: Common Notions
Publish Date: 10/27/2020
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Organizing for Autonomy: History, Theory, and Strategy for Collective Liberation


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“How can we get free? How can we free ourselves, our communities, our environments, our society? And what will this freedom look like? While the present moment holds incredible possibilities to organize for our collective liberation, there are powerful forces readily willing and able to summons all available weapons of repression to contain and suppress revolutionary movements….

“The question of freedom is central to all revolutionary movements. It is at the root of everyday struggles against white supremacist colonialism, heteropatriarchy, capitalism, the authoritarian state, and every other form of systemic oppression. But we have to ask, again, what will freedom look like? Often, the realities we each face constrain the ways we can answer this question, so we ask it in pieces: How do we provide for each other? How do we protect, nurture, care, love, and create? How do we liberate ourselves from the hardships of enclosure, exploitation, and dependency that are imposed on our minds, bodies, communities, and environments? How do we free our sense of freedom, so it is not a set of individual and extractive privileges, but is instead the grounding for a communal form of abundance?”

By laying bare the mechanisms of capitalism, imperialism, settler colonialism, climate catastrophe, heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, exploitation and dispossesion, and a range of other oppressive structures and countering them with a historical account of revolutionary movements from around the world, Organizing for Autonomy offers a brazen and determined articulation of a world that centers community, love, and justice.

With an unparalleled breadth and by synthesizing innumerable sources of revolutionary thought and history, CounterPower presents the result of years of inquiry, struggle, and resistance. Bold, fearless, and radically original, Organizing for Autonomy imagines a decolonized, communist, alternative world order that is free from oppressive structures, state violence, and racial capitalism and helps us to get there.


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CounterPower offers a deeply thoughtful analysis that is rooted in people's everyday struggles to end oppression. At a time when the criminal failures of capitalism endager the entire planet, Organizing for Autonomy is rich with revolutionary possibility.
–Barbara Smith, cofounder of the Combahee River Collective and Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press

"The old world is collapsing all around us, and communism is in the air. Organizing for Autonomy asks us to breathe deeply of that air, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our comrades, and to plot the way forward together. Its cohesive analysis and ambitious vision point toward the North Star and offer a militant strategy for how to get going. It is not a roadmap to the new world, but no matter. After all, communism is not the destination, it is the path itself."
–Geo Maher (George Ciccariello-Maher), author of Building the Commune and Decolonizing Dialectics

Capitalism got us into this mess. Organizing for Autonomy advances the conversation about how we can achieve a different–and better–way of living, in a world without bosses.
–Steve Wright, author of Storming Heaven

In the new phase of history, and of struggles, which is opening up now, it's essential to keep alive the link with the history of the: eft, and to sum this up critically as a guide for future practice. Organizing for Autonomy is a great contribution to that task.
–Robert Biel, author of The New Imperialism and The Entropy of Capitalism

Praise for CounterPower

"Whenever I meet someone who is radicalizing, who is looking for a way to understand the world we live in and inspire hope that we can live in a fundamentally different and liberating society, [CounterPower's] writing are some of the first pieces I share along with Wretched of the Earth, Sister Outsider, This Bridge Called My Back, and models of change from Mexico to Spain."
–Uruj Sheikh, Campaign Manager, The Real News Network

"[A]n organization of organizers, a revolutionary organization involved in mass struggles...serious, smart...[with] no qualms about calling itself revolutionary"
–Todd Gitlin, author of Occupy Nation and a founding member of SDS.

"Sounds benign and non threatening; however a closer look reveals an organization that is bent on the destruction of America...Their beautifully written mission statement and other language on their web site, boiled down to basics, shows that the organization wants to replace our capitalist system with socialism at best."
–Milton Reid, Retired Corporate Executive

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ISBN-10: 1942173210
ISBN-13: 9781942173212
Publisher: Common Notions
Publish Date: 10/27/2020
Dimensions: 8.40" L, 5.50" W, 0.70" H
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