Political Science

Political Science

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  • The Second: Race and Guns in a Fatally Unequal America

    Carol Anderson
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  • Critical Thinking: Statistical Reasoning and Intuitive Judgment

    Varda Liberman
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  • Shirley Chisholm: The Last Interview: And Other Conversations

    Chisholm, Shirely
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  • Populism Left and Right

    Éric Fassin
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  • The Porcelain Workshop: For a New Grammar of Politics

    Antonio Negri
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  • Feminism and Nationalism in the Third World

    Jayawardena, Kumari
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  • Crisis Under Critique: How People Assess, Transform, and Respond to Critical Situations

    Didier Fassin
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  • The Century

    Alain Badiou
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  • The Production of Local Knowledge: History and Politics in the Work of René Zavaleta Mercado

    Luis Tapia
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  • The Fruit of All My Grief: Lives in the Shadows of the American Dream

    J Malcolm Garcia
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  • The Good Fight

    Shirley Chisholm
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  • Troublemaking: The Politics of Worker Organising

    Lydia Hughes
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  • For Good Measure: An Agenda for Moving Beyond Gdp

    Joseph E Stiglitz
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  • Sociology of Freedom: Manifesto of the Democratic Civilization, Volume III

    Abdullah Öcalan
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  • Blackballed: The Black Vote and Us Democracy: With a New Essay

    Pinckney, Darryl
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  • Empowered!: Latinos Transforming Arizona Politics

    Lisa Magaña
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  • The Long Emancipation: Moving Toward Black Freedom

    Rinaldo Walcott
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  • Neither Vertical Nor Horizontal: A Theory of Political Organization

    Nunes, Rodrigo
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  • Dreams of Leaving and Remaining: Fragments of a Nation

    James Meek
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  • Imagine a Country: Ideas for a Better Future (Main)

    Val McDermid
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