Poetry Criticism & Biographies

Poetry Criticism & Biographies

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  • The Skin of Meaning: Collected Literary Essays and Talks

    Aaron Shurin
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  • Édouard Glissant: a Poetics of Resistance

    Sam Coombes
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  • Philip Larkin: Letters Home

    Philip Larkin
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  • Watch Your Language: Visual and Literary Reflections on a Century of American Poetry

    Terrance Hayes
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  • Why Dante Matters: An Intelligent Person’s Guide

    John Took
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  • Foley’s Books: California Rebels, Beats and Radicals

    Jack Foley
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  • The Word Woman and Other Related Writings

    Elizabeth Friedmann
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  • The Noise of Time: Selected Prose

    Osip Mandelstam
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  • Visions & Affiliations: A California Literary Time Line Part Two

    Jack Foley
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  • Kenward Elmslie: A Bibliographical Profile

    William C Bamberger
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  • Anne Sexton: A Biography

    Diane Middlebrook
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  • Networked Art

    Craig J Saper
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  • A Poetics of the Press: Interviews with Poets, Printers, & Publishers

    Kyle Schlesinger
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  • Collected French Translations: Prose

    John Ashbery
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  • Tesserae: Memories and Suppositions

    Denise Levertov
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  • Children of the Mire: Modern Poetry from Romanticism to the Avant-Garde, New and Enlarged Edition (New and Enl)

    Octavio Paz
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  • Iliazd: A Meta-Biography of a Modernist

    Johanna Drucker
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  • Voice and Void: The Poetry of Gerhard Falkner

    Neil H Donahue
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  • The Ghosts of Birds

    Eliot Weinberger
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  • Theatricals of Day: Emily Dickinson and Nineteenth-Century American Popular Culture

    Sandra Runzo
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