Poetry Criticism & Biographies

Poetry Criticism & Biographies

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  • Primitive: The Art and Life of Horace H. Pippin

    Janice N Harrington
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  • Directory of American Poetry Books

    Poets House
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  • Le Style Apollinaire: The Writing of Guillaume Apollinaire (Bilingual French-English)

    Louis Zukofsky
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  • The Tortured Life of Scofield Thayer

    James Dempsey
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  • Soldiers Don’t Go Mad: A Story of Brotherhood, Poetry, and Mental Illness During the First World War

    Charles Glass
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  • Naming Thy Name: Cross Talk in Shakespeare’s Sonnets

    Elaine Scarry
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  • Incarnate: Story Material

    Thalia Field
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  • Stolen Life

    Fred Moten
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  • On Seamus Heaney

    Roy Foster
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  • Philip Larkin: Letters Home

    Philip Larkin
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  • H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)

    Lara Vetter
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  • Earthly Signs: Moscow Diaries, 1917-1922

    Tsvetaeva, Marina
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  • Mary and Mr. Eliot: A Sort of Love Story

    Mary Trevelyan
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    Directory Of Amer Poetry Books V1

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  • Talk Yuh Talk: Interviews with Anglophone Caribbean Poets

    Kwame Dawes
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  • Hiwar: Sense & Intuition: Fateh Moudaress in Conversation with Adonis

    Mouna Atassi
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  • Discarded Pages: Araceli Cab Cumí, Maya Poet and Politician

    Kathleen Rock Martín
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  • Rue Traversière

    Yves Bonnefoy
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  • UnMartyred: [self-]vanishing Presences in Vietnamese Poetry

    Nha Thuyen
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  • Hold-Outs: The Los Angeles Poetry Renaissance, 1948-1992

    Bill Mohr
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