Poetry Criticism & Biographies

Poetry Criticism & Biographies

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  • Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches

    Lorde, Audre
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  • For Now

    Eileen Myles
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  • Notes on Thought and Vision

    Hilda Doolittle (H D )
    $10.95 $7.67 Add to cart
  • Two-Way Mirror: A Poetry Notebook (Enlarged)

    David Meltzer
    $18.95 $13.27 Add to cart
  • Upstream: Selected Essays

    Mary Oliver
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  • A History of My Brief Body

    Belcourt, Billy-ray
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  • Bukowski in a Sundress: Confessions from a Writing Life

    Kim Addonizio
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  • Just Us: An American Conversation

    Rankine, Claudia
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  • Poet Warrior: A Memoir

    Harjo, Joy
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  • The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry

    Ernest Fenollosa
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  • What You Have Heard Is True: A Memoir of Witness and Resistance

    Carolyn Forché
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  • Beautiful Aliens: A Steve Abbott Reader

    Steve Abbott
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  • The Book of Delights: Essays

    Gay, Ross
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  • How to Start Writing (and When to Stop): Advice for Writers

    Szymborska, Wislawa
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  • Pessoa: A Biography

    Zenith, Richard
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  • Memorial Drive: A Daughter’s Memoir

    Natasha Trethewey
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  • Dream of Europe: Selected Seminars and Interviews: 1984-1992

    Audre Lorde
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  • Visions and Ecstasies: Selected Essays

    H D
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  • Dear Memory: Letters on Writing, Silence, and Grief

    Chang, Victoria
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  • Blues and the Poetic Spirit (Revised and Expanded)

    Paul Garon
    $20.00 $14.00 Add to cart
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