ISBN-10: 1734590769
ISBN-13: 9781734590760
Publisher: Public Space Books
Publish Date: 09/14/2021
Dimensions: 8.58" L, 5.83" W, 0.87" H

Tolstoy Together: 85 Days of War and Peace with Yiyun Li


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“You know how, very occasionally in your life, there’s a ‘before and after’ reading experience? Well, reading War and Peace with Tolstoy Together has been that for me–a milestone not just in reading but in living.”–Michael Langan

From the acclaimed author of Dear Friend, from My Life I Write to You in Your Life, a book about the art of reading. In Tolstoy Together: 85 Days of War and Peace, Yiyun Li invites you to travel with her through Tolstoy’s novel–and with fellow readers around the world who joined her for an online book club and an epic journey during a pandemic year.

“I’ve found that the more uncertain life is,” Yiyun Li writes, “the more solidity and structure War and Peace provides.” Tolstoy Together expands the epic novel into a rich conversation about literature and ways of reading, with contributions from Garth Greenwell, Elliott Holt, Carl Phillips, Tom Drury, Sara Majka, Alexandra Schwartz, and hundreds of fellow readers.

Along with Yiyun Li’s daily reading journal and a communal journal with readers’ reflections–with commentary on craft and technique, historical context, and character studies, Tolstoy Together: 85 Days of War and Peace includes a schedule and framework, providing a daily motivating companion for Tolstoy’s novel and a reading practice for future books.


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Among the many pleasures of the #TolstoyTogether group, while life has often felt on pause (which has ups and downs to it) seeing how much we've read reminds me I've been traveling all along, and not alone.
Carl Phillips

A Public Space initiated a communal reading of Tolstoy's War and Peace under the aegis of the novelist Yiyun Li, with the intention of lifting spirits and establishing a common bond among lovers of good literature.
Joyce Carol Oates, Wall Street Journal

The brilliant novelist Yiyun Li has started a War and Peace book club online... at A Public Space. You read 12 pages a day of War and Peace in a whole community of readers. And the next thing you know, you have read the book and the pandemic is over and you have read War and Peace, which is terrific.
Ann Patchett, the PBS Newshour

"In just 85 days, Yiyun Li invites us into a liminal space full of prismatic explorations on love and grief and the actions that inspire both. More than just a wondrous study of Tolstoy's War and Peace, Tolstoy Together reflects our thoughts back to us; a reminder that even in isolation, the simple act of reading contains multitudes."

–Kaitlynn Cassady, Seminary Co-op Bookstores

Tolstoy Together: 85 Days of War and Peace presents a collective act of reading as well as storytelling – a new story, created together. We are invited not only to read (or re-read) War and Peace, but to read other readers' margins and underlines; and in doing so, we glimpse their inner lives.

–Claire Foster, Type Books

In March when the virus was getting officially out of control, it felt like the only things people were talking about here in NYC were the virus, uncertainty, and thanks to A Public Space's book club: Tolstoy. I recall it being one of the few joyful things about that terrible period of time–imagining so many people, shut away in their city apartments, all reading Tolstoy, alone yet together. Sometimes we read to escape and sometimes we read to remember. Tolstoy Together is a great way to bookend that initial escape by remembering it through this lens, and continuing to carry Tolstoy forward.

Rebecca Fitting, Greenlight Bookstore

Tolstoy Together couldn't have come at a better moment. It already has a vibrant community of readers participating just two days into the read. The group additionally benefits from A Public Space's active and inviting Twitter presence (you don't need to be an English major, or even a regular reader, to feel welcomed), and if you aren't a big social media person you can still follow along with Li's wonderful musings on A Public Space's blog.
The Week

Tolstoy Together "embodies the common humanity... a paradoxically rich connection with strangers who are widely dispersed yet linked by their predicaments and imaginations.... Thousands of isolated souls are on the same page."
Alix Christie, the Economist

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ISBN-10: 1734590769
ISBN-13: 9781734590760
Publisher: Public Space Books
Publish Date: 09/14/2021
Dimensions: 8.58" L, 5.83" W, 0.87" H
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