Native American Studies

Native American Studies

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  • Invisible Reality: Storytellers, Storytakers, and the Supernatural World of the Blackfeet

    Rosalyn R Lapier
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  • An Outline Dictionary of Maya Glyphs (Revised)

    William Gates
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  • Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions: The Life of a Sioux Medicine Man

    Lame Deer
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  • Nitinikiau Innusi: I Keep the Land Alive

    Tshaukuesh Elizabeth Penashue
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  • Viewing the Ancestors: Perceptions of the Anaasazi, Mokwic, and Hisatsinom

    Robert S McPherson
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  • A Dangerous Idea: The Alaska Native Brotherhood and the Struggle for Indigenous Rights

    Peter Metcalfe
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  • Bury My Heart at Chuck E. Cheese’s

    Tiffany Midge
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  • Death of Celilo Falls

    Katrine Barber
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  • Forest of Visions: Ayahuasca, Amazonian Spirituality, and the Santo Daime Tradition

    Alex Polari de Alverga
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  • Cheyenne Autumn

    Mari Sandoz
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  • Peyakow: Reclaiming Cree Dignity

    Darrel McLeod
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  • Spider Woman’s Granddaughters: Traditional Tales and Contemporary Writing by Native American Women

    Paula Gunn Allen
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  • Covered with Night: A Story of Murder and Indigenous Justice in Early America

    Nicole Eustace
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  • Flat Willow Creek: Poems of Louis Riel, 1878-1883

    Michael Barnholden
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  • The Gift of Knowledge / Ttnúwit Átawish Nch’inch’imamí: Reflections on Sahaptin Ways

    Virginia R Beavert
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  • John Joseph Mathews, 69: Life of an Osage Writer

    Michael Snyder
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  • A History of the Indians of the United States, 106 (Revised)

    Angie Debo
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  • Returning Home: Diné Creative Works from the Intermountain Indian School

    Farina Noelani King
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  • Chronicle of the Guayaki Indians (Revised)

    Pierre Clastres
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  • Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon: A Chronicle of an Incan Treasure (Revised)

    Peter Lourie
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