Native American Studies

Native American Studies

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  • Stoking the Fire: Nationhood in Cherokee Writing, 1907-1970

    Kirby Brown
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  • Theft Is Property!: Dispossession and Critical Theory

    Robert Nichols
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  • Breaking the Maya Code (Revised, Updated)

    Michael D Coe
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  • The Spirit and the Sky: Lakota Visions of the Cosmos

    Mark Hollabaugh
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  • Returning the Gift, Volume 29: Poetry and Prose from the First North American Native Writers’ Festival

    Joseph Bruchac
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  • American Indian Autobiography

    H David Brumble
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  • Thatched Roofs and Open Sides: The Architecture of Chickees and Their Changing Role in Seminole Society

    Carrie Dilley
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  • Resurgence and Reconciliation: Indigenous-Settler Relations and Earth Teachings

    Michael Asch
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  • Geronimo: His Own Story: The Autobiography of a Great Patriot Warrior (Revised)

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