Native American Studies

Native American Studies

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  • Walking the Ojibwe Path: A Memoir in Letters to Joshua: A Memoir in Letters to Joshua

    Richard Wagamese
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  • Bury My Heart at Chuck E. Cheese’s

    Tiffany Midge
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  • Katie Gale: A Coast Salish Woman’s Life on Oyster Bay

    Llyn De Danaan
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  • Violence Against Indigenous Women: Literature, Activism, Resistance

    Allison Hargreaves
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  • The Day the World Ended at Little Bighorn: A Lakota History

    Joseph M Marshall
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  • A Rush to Judgment: The Unfair Trial of Louis Riel

    Roger E Salhany
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  • Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan, Vol. 2

    John L Stephens
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  • Historic Contact: Indian People and Colonists in Today’s Northeastern United States in the Sixteenth through Eighteenth Centuries

    Robert S Grumet
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  • In Good Relation: History, Gender, and Kinship in Indigenous Feminisms

    Sarah Nickel
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  • More Powerful Together: Conversations with Climate Activists and Indigenous Land Defenders

    Jen Gobby
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  • Man Who Killed The Deer

    Frank Waters
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  • Anakú Iwachá: Yakama Legends and Stories

    Virginia R Beavert
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  • Transcendent Wisdom of the Maya: The Ceremonies and Symbolism of a Living Tradition

    Gabriela Jurosz-Landa
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  • A Seat at the Table: Huston Smith in Conversation with Native Americans on Religious Freedom

    Huston Smith
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  • Indigenous Toronto: Stories That Carry This Place

    Denise Bolduc
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  • The Columbia Guide to American Indians of the Southwest

    Trudy Griffin-Pierce
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  • Reclaiming Indigenous Governance: Reflections and Insights from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States

    William Nikolakis
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  • Indians in the United States and Canada: A Comparative History, Second Edition

    Roger L Nichols
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  • An Outline Dictionary of Maya Glyphs (Revised)

    William Gates
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  • Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions: The Life of a Sioux Medicine Man

    Lame Deer
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