ISBN-10: 1609456858
ISBN-13: 9781609456856
Publisher: World Noir
Publish Date: 04/06/2021
Dimensions: 8.20" L, 5.20" W, 1.00" H

Bobby March Will Live Forever


Price: $17.00


Winner of the 2022 Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original

The third dark and gripping Harry McCoy thriller from the most exciting new voice in Scottish noir.

July 1973. The Glasgow drug trade is booming and Bobby March, homegrown rock hero, has overdosed in a downtown hotel. Alice Kelly, meanwhile, is thirteen years old, alone, and missing. Harry McCoy is quietly asked to find his boss’s niece, who’s fallen in with a dodgy crowd and hasn’t been seen for days.

McCoy has a hunch that there’s a connection between all three events, but the clock is running, the papers are out for blood, and the department wants results.

Alan Parks worked in the music business for decades and his familiarity with the industry together with his intimate knowledge of the deeply noir 1970s Glasgow–its music scene, hard men, political infighting, class divisions–make this a pitch-perfect installment in the lauded Harry McCoy series.


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★ "Parks takes readers deep into the sordid world of Glasgow in the 1970s, delivering a gut-churning, heart-wrenching noir. [Bobby March Will Live Forever] belongs on the must-read list of every follower of Tartan noir."–Booklist (Starred Review)

"Parks' sprawling plot offers not tidy whodunit puzzles but a wide-angle view of a gritty city in the grip of crime, home to an entertaining cross section of characters [ . . . ] Brisk Scottish noir with an appealingly hard edge."–Kirkus Reviews

"The meticulously described setting is so suggestive readers may even catch whiffs of stale cigarette smoke and patchouli. Fans of Scottish noir will be satisfied."–Publishers Weekly

"Parks captures the feel of a city long vanished in a breathless and tense retro crime caper."–The Sun

"Even better than its predecessors [ . . . ] Its plot twists and turns, provoking laughter and tears [ . . . ] Fascinating and dangerous."–The Times, Book Of The Month

"Parks's description never fails him, be it description of the horrors of some of the places where the action takes place, or the action itself, and though he does not go into psychological detail about his characters, his physical descriptions [are] especially memorable."–Mary Whipple, Seeing The World Through Books

"It's McCoy, though, who makes this series something special–he's multi-layered and three-dimensional, with his own idiosyncratic work ethic [ . . . ] A series that no crime fan should miss: dangerous, thrilling, but with a kind voice to cut through the darkness."–Scotsman

"Having the ability to write engaging stories that appeal to readers all over the world is something that Parks has definitely made a name for himself doing."–Murder & Mayhem

"[Parks] captures the buzz of playing in clubs and the grind of touring, with its cheap hotels, hangers-on, and obliging drug dealers, who keep reality at bay for another night and then, inevitably, forever."–Air Mail

Praise for Alan Parks

"McCoy is so noir he makes most other Scottish cops seem light grey."–The Times

"A riveting book, begging to be read in as few sittings as possible [ . . . ] The macabre and morally ambivalent February's Son is not one that will be quickly or easily forgotten."–The National

"A riveting journey through the grim and gritty dark side of 1970s Glasgow [ . . . ] A powerful slab of tartan noir."–Herald

"Pitch-black tartan noir, set in Seventies Glasgow [ . . . ] Compelling [ . . . ] With an emotional heart that's hard to ignore."–Daily Mail

"Excellent [ . . . ] Full of surprises, streaked with compassion. McCoy and Cooper [ . . . ] make one hell of a damaged duo. Their fascinating relationship provides the real intrigue."–Evening Standard

"The no-holds-barred action and dialogue smack you in the face like a Glasgow kiss. Cracking."–The Sun

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ISBN-10: 1609456858
ISBN-13: 9781609456856
Publisher: World Noir
Publish Date: 04/06/2021
Dimensions: 8.20" L, 5.20" W, 1.00" H
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