Kerouac Alley Shoulder Bag


This sturdy canvas shoulder bag features a whimsical depiction of the scene in Jack Kerouac Alley, when our next-door neighbor, Vesuvio Café, has their tables out in the alley for outdoor service.

Life is good when folks can buy a book from City Lights and then sit down to read over a coffee or a beer at Vesuvio, a classic North Beach experience. Legendary San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish created this beautiful drawing for City Lights and Vesuvio, donating it to us in a gesture of support as we struggle to keep the lights on. We’re so grateful, and really thrilled to be able to offer this unique tribute to the special character of historic North Beach.

The top says “You can’t beat North Beach,” and along the bottom, “At the corner of Columbus & Kerouac in San Francisco.”

Price: $25.00

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