Marxist Studies

Marxist Studies

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  • World in Fragments: Writings on Politics, Society, Psychoanalysis, and the Imagination

    Cornelius Castoriadis
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  • The Necessity of Social Control

    István Mészáros
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  • Organizing for Autonomy: History, Theory, and Strategy for Collective Liberation

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  • My Life: An Attempt at an Autobiography

    Leon Trotsky
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  • Lenin and the Revolutionary Party

    Paul Le Blanc
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  • Surveys from Exile

    Karl Marx
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  • Lenin on the Train

    Catherine Merridale
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  • From Lenin to Stalin

    Victor Serge
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  • Trotsky in New York, 1917: A Radical on the Eve of Revolution

    Ackerman, Kenneth-d
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  • The Bolsheviks Come to Power: The Revolution of 1917 in Petrograd

    Alexander Rabinowitch
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  • Women and the Subversion of the Community: A Mariarosa Dalla Costa Reader

    Mariarosa Dalla Costa
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  • Karl Marx and the Birth of Modern Society: The Life of Marx and the Development of His Work

    Michael Heinrich
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  • Old Gods, New Enigmas: Marx’s Lost Theory

    Davis, Mike
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  • The Revolution Betrayed

    Leon Trotsky
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  • Revolutionary Collective: Comrades, Critics, and Dynamics in the Struggle for Socialism

    Paul Le Blanc
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  • Rosa Luxemburg Speaks

    Rosa Luxemburg
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  • Introduction to Non-Marxism

    François Laruelle
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  • Samir Amin: Memoirs of an Independent Marxist, Volume 1

    James Membrez
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  • The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg Volume III: Political Writings 1. on Revolution: 1897-1905

    Rosa Luxemburg
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  • Transgender Marxism

    Jules Joanne Gleeson
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