Marxist Studies

Marxist Studies

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  • The Enigma of Capital: And the Crises of Capitalism (Revised)

    David Harvey
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  • The German Ideology: A New Abridgement

    Karl Marx
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  • Unfinished Leninism: The Rise and Return of a Revolutionary Doctrine

    Le-blanc, Paul
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  • Trotsky on Lenin

    Leon Trotsky
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  • The Dilemmas of Lenin: Terrorism, War, Empire, Love, Revolution

    Ali, Tariq
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  • A People’s Tragedy: A History of the Russian Revolution

    Figes, Orlando
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  • An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory (Revised)

    Ernest Mandel
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  • The Idea of Communism

    Tariq Ali
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  • The Day After the Revolution

    Slavoj Zizek
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  • Marxist Thought and the City

    Henri Lefebvre
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  • Leon Trotsky: A Revolutionary’s Life

    Joshua Rubenstein
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  • Gramsci in the World

    Dainotto, Roberto-m
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  • The Black Jacobins Reader

    Charles Forsdick
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  • Revolution!: Sayings of Vladimir Lenin

    Bodleian Library
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  • Transgender Marxism

    Gleeson, Jules-ed
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  • World Revolution, 1917-1936: The Rise and Fall of the Communist International

    C L R James
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  • The History of the Russian Revolution (Revised)

    Trotksy, Leon
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  • 1917: Revolution in Russia and Its Aftermath

    Emma Goldman
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  • In Defense of Lost Causes

    Slavoj Zizek
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  • Under the Socialist Banner: Resolutions of the Second International, 1889-1912

    Mike Taber
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