Literature from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Oceania

Literature from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Oceania

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    Blue House ‘stories

    Naishan Cheng
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  • Sea Loves Me: Selected Stories

    Mia Couto
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  • Swift as Desire (Anchor Books)

    Laura Esquivel
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  • Three Continents

    Jhabvala, Ruth-prawer
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  • Our Best Love Story

    Mario Levi
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  • Moon Brow

    Shahriar Mandanipour
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  • La Bastarda

    Trifonia Melibea Obono
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  • The Family Interrupted

    Eloy Urroz
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  • The Distance

    Ivan Vladislavic
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  • Variations on the Body

    María Ospina
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  • Exile from Exile: Israeli Writers from Iraq

    Nancy E Berg
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  • You Can Cross the Massacre on Foot

    Freddy Prestol Castillo
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  • Cry in a Long Night

    Jabra Ibrahim Jabra
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  • The Fisherman and His Son

    Zülfü Livaneli
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  • La Mala Hora / In Evil Hour

    Gabriel García Márquez
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  • Negras

    Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro
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  • The Harmony Silk Factory

    Tash Aw
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  • And Let the Earth Tremble at Its Centers

    Gonzalo Celorio
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  • People on the Prowl

    Jaime Collyer
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  • The Year of the Revolutionary New Bread-Making Machine

    Hassan Daoud
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