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  • When Christians Were Jews: The First Generation

    Paula Fredriksen
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  • A Specter Haunting Europe: The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism

    Paul Hanebrink
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  • Family Papers: A Sephardic Journey Through the Twentieth Century

    Sarah Abrevaya Stein
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  • Voices of a People: The Story of Yiddish Folksong

    Ruth Rubin
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  • Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity: Essays

    Abraham Joshua Heschel
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  • Founding God’s Nation: Reading Exodus

    Leon R Kass
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  • The Essential Talmud (-30th Anniversary)

    Adin Steinsaltz
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  • The Hebrew Republic: Jewish Sources and the Transformation of European Political Thought

    Eric Nelson
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  • When Baghdad Ruled the Muslim World: The Rise and Fall of Islam’s Greatest Dynasty

    Hugh Kennedy
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  • The Song of Songs: A Biography

    Ilana Pardes
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  • Kiev, Jewish Metropolis: A History, 1859-1914

    Natan M Meir
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  • Daniel: Dialogues on Realization

    Martin Buber
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  • We Are Children Just the Same: Vedem, the Secret Magazine by the Boys of Terezin

    Paul R Wilson
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  • Betraying Spinoza

    Rebecca Goldstein
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  • Revisiting the Jewish Question

    Elisabeth Roudinesco
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  • The Wondering Jew: Israel and the Search for Jewish Identity

    Micah Goodman
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  • A Man of Three Worlds: Samuel Pallache, a Moroccan Jew in Catholic and Protestant Europe

    Mercedes García-Arenal
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  • Jews and Power

    Ruth R Wisse
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  • The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Biography

    John J Collins
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  • The Blessing and the Curse: The Jewish People and Their Books in the Twentieth Century

    Adam Kirsch
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