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  • The Fifth Sacred Thing

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  • Dusk, Night, Dawn: On Revival and Courage

    Lamott, Anne
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  • Alchemy: The Secret Art

    Stanislas Klossowski De Rola
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  • Psychotherapy East & West

    Alan Watts
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  • Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice

    Robert Lawlor
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  • The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions

    Armstrong, Karen
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  • Why Religion?: A Personal Story

    Elaine Pagels
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  • The Penguin Book of Exorcisms

    Joseph P Laycock
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  • Eros and Magic in the Renaissance

    Ioan P Couliano
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  • Quantum Questions: Mystical Writings of the World’s Great Physicists (Revised)

    Wilber, Ken-ed
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  • God: A Human History

    Reza Aslan
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  • Selected Writings (Eckhart, Meister)

    Meister Eckhart
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  • The Witch of Eye

    Kathryn Nuernberger
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  • Be Love Now: The Path of the Heart

    Ram Dass
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  • Take Back What the Devil Stole: An African American Prophet’s Encounters in the Spirit World

    Onaje X O Woodbine
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  • The Secret Teachers of the Western World

    Gary Lachman
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  • The Case for God

    Karen Armstrong
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  • Modern Consciousness Research and the Understanding of Art: Including the Visionary World of H.R. Giger

    Stanislav Grof
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  • Integral Psychology: Consciousness, Spirit, Psychology, Therapy

    Wilber, Ken
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  • In Search of Being: The Fourth Way to Consciousness

    G I Gurdjieff
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