Food Culture

Food Culture

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  • Slow Food: The Case for Taste

    Carlo Petrini
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  • Queering the Kitchen: A Manifesto

    Daniel Isengart
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  • Red Meat Republic: A Hoof-To-Table History of How Beef Changed America

    Joshua Specht
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  • Meals Matter: A Radical Economics Through Gastronomy

    Michael Symons
    $35.00 Add to cart
  • Mouthfeel: How Texture Makes Taste

    Ole Mouritsen
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  • Cooking Technology: Transformations in Culinary Practice in Mexico and Latin America

    Steffan Igor Ayora-Diaz
    $47.95 Add to cart
  • The Migrant Chef: The Life and Times of Lalo García

    Laura Tillman
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  • The Food We Eat, the Stories We Tell: Contemporary Appalachian Tables

    Elizabeth S D Engelhardt
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  • The Spirit of Soul Food: Race, Faith, and Food Justice

    Christopher Carter
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  • My First Popsicle: An Anthology of Food and Feelings

    Zosia Mamet
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  • A Recipe for Gentrification: Food, Power, and Resistance in the City

    Alison Hope Alkon
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  • How to Feed a Dictator: Saddam Hussein, IDI Amin, Enver Hoxha, Fidel Castro, and Pol Pot Through the Eyes of Their Cooks

    Witold Szablowski
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  • Recipe

    Lynn Z Bloom
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  • Making Levantine Cuisine: Modern Foodways of the Eastern Mediterranean

    Anny Gaul
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  • Ultra-Processed People: The Science Behind the Food That Isn’t Food

    Chris Van Tulleken
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  • Among Friends

    Fisher, Mfk
    $15.00 Add to cart
  • Intimate Eating: Racialized Spaces and Radical Futures

    Anita Mannur
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  • Tsukiji: The Fish Market at the Center of the World

    Theodore C Bestor
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  • No Meat Required: The Cultural History and Culinary Future of Plant-Based Eating

    Alicia Kennedy
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  • Lentil Underground: Renegade Farmers and the Future of Food in America

    Liz Carlisle
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