ISBN-10: 1400042550
ISBN-13: 9781400042555
Publisher: Everyman's Library
Publish Date: 08/17/2004
Dimensions: 8.30" L, 5.40" W, 1.50" H

The Plague, the Fall, Exile and the Kingdom, and Selected Essays: Introduction by David Bellos

Translator: Stuart Gilbert
Translator: Justin O'Brien
Introduction by: David Bellos


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From one of the most brilliant and influential thinkers of the twentieth century-two novels, six short stories, and a pair of essays in a single volume. In both his essays and his fiction, Albert Camus (1913–1960) de-ployed his lyric eloquence in defense against despair, providing an affirmation of the brave assertion of humanity in the face of a universe devoid of order or meaning.

The Plague-written in 1947 and still profoundly relevant-is a riveting tale of horror, survival, and resilience in the face of a devastating epidemic. The Fall (1956), which takes the form of an astonishing confession by a French lawyer in a seedy Amsterdam bar, is a haunting parable of modern conscience in the face of evil. The six stories of Exile and the Kingdom (1957) represent Camus at the height of his narrative powers, masterfully depicting his characters-from a renegade missionary to an adulterous wife -at decisive moments of revelation. Set beside their fictional counterparts, Camus’s famous essays “The Myth of Sisyphus” and “Reflections on the Guillotine” are all the more powerful and philosophically daring, confirming his towering place in twentieth-century thought.


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Praise for Georges Simenon:

"One of the greatest writers of the twentieth century . . . Simenon was unequaled at making us look inside, though the ability was masked by his brilliance at absorbing us obsessively in his stories." –The Guardian

"These Maigret books are as timeless as Paris itself." –The Washington Post

"Maigret ranks with Holmes and Poirot in the pantheon of fictional detective immortals." –People

"I love reading Simenon. He makes me think of Chekhov." –William Faulkner

"The greatest of all, the most genuine novelist we have had in literature." –André Gide

"A supreme writer . . . Unforgettable vividness." –The Independent (London)

"Superb . . . The most addictive of writers . . . A unique teller of tales." –The Observer (London)

"Compelling, remorseless, brilliant." –John Gray

"A truly wonderful writer . . . Marvelously readable–lucid, simple, absolutely in tune with the world he creates." –Muriel Spark

"A novelist who entered his fictional world as if he were a part of it."lle –Peter Ackroyd

"Extraordinary masterpieces of the twentieth century." –John Banville

Gem-hard soul-probes . . . not just the world's bestselling detective series, but an imperishable literary legend . . . he exposes secrets and crimes not by forensic wizardry, but by the melded powers of therapist, philosopher and confessor ― Times (London)

Strangely comforting . . . so many lovely bistros from the Paris of mid-20th C. The corpses are incidental, it's the food that counts. ― Margaret Atwood

One of the greatest writers of the 20th century . . . no other writer can set up a scene as sharply and with such economy as Simenon does . . . the conjuring of a world, a place, a time, a set of characters - above all, an atmosphere. ― Financial Times

Gripping . . . richly rewarding . . . You'll quickly find yourself obsessing about his life as you tackle each mystery in turn.– Stig Abell ― The Sunday Times (London)

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ISBN-10: 1400042550
ISBN-13: 9781400042555
Publisher: Everyman's Library
Publish Date: 08/17/2004
Dimensions: 8.30" L, 5.40" W, 1.50" H
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