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  • Heart of Europe: A History of the Holy Roman Empire

    Peter H Wilson
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  • Ecclesiastical History of the English People (Revised)

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  • Greece and the Reinvention of Politics

    Alain Badiou
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  • The Invention of Russia: The Rise of Putin and the Age of Fake News

    Arkady Ostrovsky
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  • Republic of Islamophobia: The Rise of Respectable Racism in France

    James Wolfreys
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  • Peoples and Empires: A Short History of European Migration, Exploration, and Conquest, from Greece to the Present

    Anthony Pagden
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  • Captain Swing

    Eric Hobsbawm
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  • Lives Reclaimed: A Story of Rescue and Resistance in Nazi Germany

    Mark Roseman
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  • May Made Me: An Oral History of the 1968 Uprising in France

    Mitchell Abidor
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  • Imperial Mud: The Fight for the Fens

    James Boyce
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  • Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory, and the Conquest of Everest

    Wade Davis
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  • The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History

    Robert Darnton
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  • The Fall and Rise of the British Left

    Andrew Murray
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  • Collecting the World: Hans Sloane and the Origins of the British Museum

    James Delbourgo
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  • The Bookshop of the World: Making and Trading Books in the Dutch Golden Age

    Andrew Pettegree
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  • Medieval Writings on Secular Women

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  • The Domestic Revolution: How the Introduction of Coal Into Victorian Homes Changed Everything

    Ruth Goodman
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  • The Austrian Revolution

    Otto Bauer
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  • Dissimilar Similitudes: Devotional Objects in Late Medieval Europe

    Caroline Walker Bynum
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  • Left Bank: Art, Passion, and the Rebirth of Paris, 1940-50

    Agnès Poirier
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