Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science

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  • The Compass of Pleasure: How Our Brains Make Fatty Foods, Orgasm, Exercise, Marijuana, Generosity, Vodka, Learning, and Gambling Feel So Good

    Linden, David
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  • Idiot Brain: What Your Head Is Really Up to

    Dean Burnett
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  • Reductionism in Art and Brain Science: Bridging the Two Cultures

    Eric Kandel
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  • Dementia: A Very Short Introduction

    Kathleen Taylor
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  • The Oracle of Night: The History and Science of Dreams

    Sidarta Ribeiro
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  • Soul Dust: The Magic of Consciousness

    Humphrey, Nicholas
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  • Guitar Zero: The Science of Becoming Musical at Any Age

    Gary Marcus
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  • Consciousness and the Brain: Deciphering How the Brain Codes Our Thoughts

    Dehaene, Stanislas
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  • Touch: The Science of the Hand, Heart, and Mind

    David J Linden
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  • Changing Minds: How Aging Affects Language and How Language Affects Aging

    Kreuz, Roger
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  • Second Nature: Brain Science and Human Knowledge

    Gerald M Edelman
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  • The Self Delusion: The New Neuroscience of How We Invent–And Reinvent–Our Identities

    Gregory Berns
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  • Feeling & Knowing: Making Minds Conscious

    Antonio Damasio
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  • The Brain: What Everyone Needs to Know(r)

    Gary L Wenk
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  • Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey

    Florence Williams
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  • How the Mind Works

    Steven Pinker
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  • Smellosophy: What the Nose Tells the Mind

    Barwich, A-s
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  • Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See

    Donald Hoffman
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  • Metaphors We Live by (Revised)

    George Lakoff
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  • The New Mind Readers: What Neuroimaging Can and Cannot Reveal about Our Thoughts

    Poldrack, Russell-a
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