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  • We Who Believe in Freedom

    Bernice Johnson Reagon
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  • Always the Queen: The Denise LaSalle Story

    Denise Lasalle
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  • Gold Experience: Following Prince in the ’90s

    Jim Walsh
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  • Global Noise: Rap and Hip Hop Outside the USA

    Tony Mitchell
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  • Love in Vain: A Vision of Robert Johnson

    Alan Greenberg
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  • Dreams to Remember: Otis Redding, Stax Records, and the Transformation of Southern Soul

    Mark Ribowsky
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  • Emerald Street: A History of Hip Hop in Seattle

    Daudi Abe
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  • America Over the Water, Revised and Expanded Edition: A Historic Journey Into the Cultural Roots of Traditional American Music (Revised and Expanded)

    Shirley Collins
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  • The Hero and the Blues

    Albert Murray
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  • Motown: Music, Money, Sex, and Power

    Gerald Posner
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  • Blues Legacy: Tradition and Innovation in Chicago

    David Whiteis
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  • Blues Mandolin Man: The Life and Music of Yank Rachell

    Richard Congress
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  • Got to Be Something Here: The Rise of the Minneapolis Sound

    Andrea Swensson
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  • 24-Carat Black’s Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth

    Zach Schonfeld
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  • Words of Our Mouth, Meditations of Our Heart: Pioneering Musicians of Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, and Dancehall

    Kenneth Bilby
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  • The Beat: Go-Go Music from Washington, D.C.

    Kip Lornell
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  • Bobby Womack: My Story 1944-2014

    Bobby Womack
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  • Janelle Monáe’s the Archandroid

    Alyssa Favreau
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