For Bernadette Mayer by Jason Morris

We were outrageously fortunate to have this iconoclastic genius and champion of the ordinary American lyric in our company for many days and years, quotidian and miraculous as they were.

5 Questions for Helen Shiller, Author of Daring to Struggle, Daring to Win: Five Decades of Resistance in Chicago’s Uptown Community

Finding my voice has taken time. As a child growing up with three brothers, I had to struggle to have my voice heard. As a young woman in every facet of my life, I had to find my way while navigating low expectations and low self-esteem. As an adult, repeating to myself several mantras helped me navigate attempts to diminish or devalue my worth: No question is a stupid question. Speak from your heart. Get at the truth of the matter. Don’t be side tracked.

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