Luis Cernuda

Luis Cernuda, in full Luis Cernuda y Bidón, (born September 21, 1902, Sevilla, Spain—died November 5, 1963, Mexico City, Mexico), was a Spanish poet and critic and a member of the Generation of 1927. In 1925 Cernuda received a law degree from the University of Sevilla (Seville) and published several poems. In 1927 some of his poems were read at the tercentenary of Luis de Góngora, and his collection Perfil del aire (Profile of the Wind) was published. Later collections of poems, notably Los placeres prohibidos (1931; Forbidden Pleasures), were influenced by Surrealism. All of his poems were collected in La realidad y el deseo (Reality and Desire), which was frequently expanded and reissued. A supporter of the Spanish Republic, Cernuda toured Britain for it in 1938 and, after the republic’s fall, became a professor in Britain. From 1947 to 1952 he taught at Mount Holyoke College in the United States. He visited Mexico in 1951 and settled there in 1952. He published criticism of earlier poets and collections of poems using classical and Mexican myths for reference. All of his poems appeared in the final edition of Realidad y deseo, published posthumously in 1964. An English-language anthology of his work, The Poetry of Luis Cernuda, was published in 1971. Written in Water, a collection of Cernuda’s prose poems, was published by City Lights in 2004, translated by Stephen Kessler, and won a 2005 Lambda Literary Award for Gay Men’s Poetry.

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