Francisco Moran

Francisco Moran (Havana, 1952) is Professor of Hispanic American Literature at Southern Methodist University and is the author of a book of essays, Casal a Rebours, and three books of poetry, Habanero tú (Cieza, Spain, 1997), Ecce Homo (second prize Esquío, El Ferrol, Spain, 1997) and el Cuerpo del delito (Luis Cernuda Award, Seville, Spain, 1999). He is also the editor of the online review La Habana Elegante and of La isla en su tinta, a critically acclaimed anthology that covers 300 years of Cuban poetry. His edition of both the poetry and a selection of Juana Borrero’s letters was published in Argentina in 2005. Moran has published poetry, articles and essays in Cuba, the U.S., Argentina, Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Chile.  


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