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  • How to See: Looking, Talking, and Thinking about Art

    David Salle
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  • Feminism in Revolt: An Anthology

    Carla Lonzi
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  • Otherwise, It Would Be Just Another River: Ten Years of Borderland Collective’s Practice in Collaboration and Dialogue

    Jason Reed
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  • Bosch in Detail: The Portable Edition

    Till-Holger Borchert
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  • Passion by Design: The Art and Times of Tamara de Lempicka (Revised)

    Kizette de Lempicka-Foxhall
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  • Pietà (Revised)

    George Klein
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  • Chardin and Rembrandt

    Marcel Proust
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  • A-Z of Typography: Classification – Anatomy – Toolkit – Attributes

    Karen Wilks
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  • 66 Frames

    Gordon Ball
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  • Adam Pendleton: Who Is Queen?: A Reader

    Pendleton, Adam
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  • Consuming Stories: Kara Walker and the Imagining of American Race

    Rebecca Peabody
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  • Suffering and Sunset: World War I in the Art and Life of Horace Pippin

    Celeste-Marie Bernier
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  • Against Aesthetic Exceptionalism

    Arne de Boever
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  • Le Corbusier: Lessons in Modernism

    Giuliana Altea
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  • Colors

    Andrew Berardini
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  • Rembrandt

    Christopher White
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  • Clement Greenberg, Late Writings

    Clement Greenberg
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  • Heretical Aesthetics: Pasolini on Painting

    Alessandro Giammei
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  • Spirit in the Land

    Trevor Schoonmaker
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  • Breaking Protocol

    Maria Hupfield
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