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  • The Culture of the Case: Madness, Crime, and Justice in Modern German Art

    Frederic J Schwartz
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  • Each One Another: The Self in Contemporary Art

    Rachel Haidu
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  • The Art Public: A Short History

    Oskar Bätschmann
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  • The Sovereign Self: Aesthetic Autonomy from the Enlightenment to the Avant-Garde

    Grant H Kester
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  • Incredible Tretchikoff: Life of an Artist and Adventurer

    Boris Gorelik
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  • Trevor Paglen: From the Archives of Peter Merlin, Aviation Archaeologist

    Trevor Paglen
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  • The Oval Portrait: Contemporary Cuban Women Writers and Artists

    Margaret Randall
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  • George Rickey: A Life in Balance

    Belinda Rathbone
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  • The Idea of the Avant Garde, Volume 2: And What It Means Today, Volume 2

    Marc James Léger
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  • Max Jacob: A Life in Art and Letters

    Rosanna Warren
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  • The Second Wave: Reflections on the Pandemic Through Photography, Performance and Public Culture

    Rustom Bharucha
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  • Vermeer in Bosnia: Selected Writings

    Lawrence Weschler
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    The Life of Forms in Art (Revised)

    Henri Focillon
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  • Albrecht Dürer: Art and Autobiography

    David Ekserdjian
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  • Ilit Azoulay: Shifting Degrees of Certainty

    Ilit Azoulay
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  • The Meeting House / Build Therefore Your Own World

    Sam Durant
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  • Film Curatorship: Archives, Museums, and the Digital Marketplace

    Paolo Cherchi Usai
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  • Sienese Painting

    Timothy Hyman
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  • Death’s Futurity: The Visual Life of Black Power

    Sampada Aranke
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  • Otherwise, It Would Be Just Another River: Ten Years of Borderland Collective’s Practice in Collaboration and Dialogue

    Jason Reed
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