Art Pictorial

Art Pictorial

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  • Paul Sietsema: Interviews on Films and Works

    Quinn Latimer
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  • Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia, Volume 1

    Danzig Baldaev
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  • Dore’s Illustrations for Ariosto’s -Orlando Furioso-: A Selection of 208 Illustrations

    Gustave Dore
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  • Mary Heilmann: The All Night Movie

    Mary Heilmann
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  • The Painter’s Secret Geometry: A Study of Composition in Art (First Edition, First)

    Charles Bouleau
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  • Horse-Drawn Carriage Catalog, 1909

    Elkhart Carriage and Harness Manufacturing Co
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  • Francis Bacon: Painting, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis

    Ben Ware
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  • Making & Unmaking

    Duro Olowu
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  • Impressionism

    Ralph Skea
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  • Archive: Imagining the East End: The East End Archive at the Cass

    Andrews, S-haeffner, N
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  • Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia, Volume II

    Danzig Baldaev
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  • Doré’s Illustrations for Don Quixote

    Gustave Doré
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    David Newsom
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  • AI Weiwei: Yours Truly: Art, Human Rights, and the Power of Writing a Letter (Art Books, AI Weiwei Art, Social Activism, Human Rights, Contemp

    David Spalding
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  • Selfie Aesthetics: Seeing Trans Feminist Futures in Self-Representational Art

    Nicole Erin Morse
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  • de Chirico: The Song of Love

    Giorgio de Chirico
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  • Visual Vitriol: The Street Art and Subcultures of the Punk and Hardcore Generation

    David A Ensminger
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  • America

    Andy Warhol
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  • The Illustrator and the Book in England from 1790 to 1914 (Revised)

    Gordon N Ray
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  • Solo(s): Krista Franklin

    Franklin, Krista
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