Art: Hardcover

Art: Hardcover

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  • The Eternal Letter: Two Millennia of the Classical Roman Capital

    Paul Shaw
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  • Vile Days: The Village Voice Art Columns, 1985-1988

    Gary Indiana
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  • Allan Kaprow: Malerei 1946-1957 – Eine Werkschau: Kat. Villa Merkel Esslingen

    Allan Kaprow
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  • Jean-Michel Basquiat

    Jean-Michel Basquiat
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  • John Heartfield: Photography Plus Dynamite

    Angela Lammert
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  • Eva Hesse and Hannah Wilke: Erotic Abstraction

    Eleanor Nairne
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  • Museum of Capitalism: Expanded Second Edition

    Andrea Steves
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  • The Alternative Guide to the Universe: Mavericks, Outsiders, Visionaries

    Roger Cardinal
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  • Joey Tranchina: Beatitude: The Beat Attitude

    Joey Tranchina
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  • Godine at Fifty: A Retrospective of Five Decades in the Life of an Independent Publisher

    David R Godine
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  • Lorna Simpson: Revised & Expanded Edition

    Thelma Golden
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  • Forms of Persuasion: Art and Corporate Image in the 1960s

    Alex J Taylor
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  • An Incomplete Archive of Activist Art: The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation (Volumes)

    Anjuli Nanda Diamond
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  • Louise Bourgeois: The Woven Child

    Louise Bourgeois
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  • Alberto Giacometti: Toward the Ultimate Figure

    Emilie Bouvard
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  • Anton Voyles Fortang/ A Void: Henri Chopic, Guy de Cointet, Channa Horowitz

    Elodi Evers
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  • Renée Green: Pacing

    Renee Green
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  • Dawoud Bey: Two American Projects

    Corey Keller
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  • Revisión: A New Look at Art in the Americas

    Victoria I Lyall
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  • Bauhaus Women: A Global Perspective

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