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"Jack Zipes"
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: An Anthology of Magical Tales

    Zipes, Jack-ed
    $19.95 Add to cart
  • The Irresistible Fairy Tale: The Cultural and Social History of a Genre

    Jack Zipes
    $21.95 Add to cart
  • Buried Treasures: The Power of Political Fairy Tales

    Jack Zipes
    $35.00 Add to cart
  • Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion (Revised)

    Jack Zipes
    $30.95 Add to cart
  • The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm All-New Third Edition

    $24.00 Add to cart
  • Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Other Classic Fairy Tales of Charles Per

    Carter, Angela-perrau
    $14.00 Add to cart
  • Japanese Tales of Lafcadio Hearn

    Lafcadio Hearn
    $22.95 Add to cart
  • Spells of Enchantment: The Wondrous Fairy Tales of Western Culture

    $27.00 Add to cart
  • The Dragon Daughter and Other Lin LAN Fairy Tales

    Juwen Zhang
    $19.95 Add to cart
  • The Giant Ohl and Tiny Tim

    Christian Bärmann
    $25.00 Add to cart
  • Peter Pan: Peter and Wendy and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

    James Matthew Barrie
    $12.00 Add to cart
  • Nutcracker and Mouse King and the Tale of the Nutcracker

    E T a Hoffmann
    $16.00 Add to cart
  • Pinocchio (Revised)

    Carlo Collodi
    $13.00 Add to cart
  • The Wounded Storyteller: The Traumatic Tales of E. T. A. Hoffmann

    E T a Hoffmann
    $40.00 Add to cart
  • The Tale of Tales

    Giambattista Basile
    $21.00 Add to cart
  • The Castle of Truth and Other Revolutionary Tales

    Hermynia Zur Mühlen
    $19.95 Add to cart
  • The Original Bambi: The Story of a Life in the Forest

    Felix Salten
    $24.95 Add to cart
  • The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

    Jacob Grimm
    $19.95 Add to cart
  • Tales for Little Rebels: A Collection of Radical Children’s Literature

    Julia L Mickenberg
    $29.00 Add to cart
  • Lucky Hans and Other Merz Fairy Tales

    Kurt Schwitters
    $16.95 Add to cart
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