Daisy Zamora

A native of Nicaragua, Daisy Zamora is one of the country's most distinguished poets. Her poems, essays, and translations have been published in more than 14 languages and have appeared over 50 anthologies. Poet Sonia Sanchez has said, "Daisy Zamora's poems resound with life. Commitment. Struggle. Love. She has been a fighter for liberation and women's rights all of her life." In addition to being an award-winning poet, Zamora is also a painter and political activist. During Nicaragua's Sandinista Revolution, she was a combatant for the Sandinista National Liberation Front and was the program director for the clandestine Radio Sandino during the final Sandinista offensive in 1979. After living in exile in Honduras, Panama, and Costa Rica she returned to Nicaragua and served as the Vice-Minister of Culture for the new government. In 2006, Zamora was honored as Woman Writer of the Year by the National Association of Artists in her native Nicaragua. Zamora currently lives in Managua, Nicaragua, and San Francisco.
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